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How You Can Help

Project 150 is grateful for the support of the community, our partnerships, and the donations we receive from individuals and businesses. We take great pride in maximizing your contributions to our organization and respect how funds are designated.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring an event hosted by Project 150 is a great way to show your corporate social responsibility. Event sponsorship offers many different marketing and advertising benefits. Please review each event's specific packet for levels of benefits.

Holiday Meals

Project 150 provides over 4000 full Holiday Meals during the winter season. These meals are given to high school students and their families to ensure they have a wonderful meal and a joyous holiday season. $25 supports a family of four with a complete holiday meal.

Scholarship Donation

Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are allocated to recipients of a college scholarship through Project 150.  Funds are paid directly to the academic institution at the start of each semester by Project 150. 

General Donation

Contributions to Project 150 are allocated to the general fund for use as needed in areas for sustainability.

Host a Collection Drive

Hosting a drive at your office or in the community on behalf of Project 150 is a great way to help support our mission and raise awareness. Our critical needs items are available for you to copy and distribute. If you are interested in hosting a collection drive for us, please contact 702-721-7150 BEFORE you start collecting and speak to our Community Outreach Manager. We can provide you with tools to help your drive be a success.

Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with us making family meal bags, sorting donations, or helping with special events. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals and groups.

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