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Provide the needs of homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students to ensure they graduate from high school and learn the life skills necessary for lifelong success.

About Project 150 Scholarship Program:
Project 150 is a non-profit charitable organization founded in December 2011 by two Nevada Natives, Don Purdue and Patrick Spargur, both graduates of Clark High School, who heard of and helped 150 homeless students at Rancho High School. Since then, Project 150 provides food, clothing, school supplies, sports equipment, shoes, and other special requests to over 1,900 homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students. In January 2014, the SNHEP Youth Council, founded in 2009 by two teen sisters Senia and Sabrina Roybal, transitioned under Project 150’s umbrella. The Project 150 Youth Council Leadership Program focuses in leadership training, mentoring, scholarship fundraising, and college, career, and workforce readiness. Project 150’s goal is to collaborate with schools and community organizations to maximize resources and allow students to focus in achieving highschool graduation, and be college, career & workforce ready. Project 150 currently Breaking Cycles, Restoring Dreams, and Beginning New Legacies serving over 1,900 homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged students at 42 high schools in Southern Nevada * High School Is Tough Enough

Scholarship Application Requirements with notification that the application is posted annually in March.

About The Project 150 Youth Council:
Youth Council members assist in fulfilling Project 150’s mission to meet the needs of homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students by providing food, clothing, school supplies, and special requests. Members participate in monthly meetings, leadership training, promote higher education opportunities, cultural awareness, mentoring, community involvement, scholarship fundraising, agency partnerships, and career & workforce readiness with a pay-it-forward attitude. The members serve over 1,500 cumulative community volunteer hours annually

The Youth Council was founded in Spring 2009 by then 14 and 17 year old sisters, Senia and Sabrina Roybal under the non profit umbrella of the Southern Nevada Hispanic Employment Program (SNHEP). Senia and Sabrina grew up volunteering for SNHEP training conferences, community events, and scholarship awards ceremonies. The two sisters may have not understood the impact of their help, however, they knew the economic downfall in 2008 drastically affected the number of scholarships awarded to less fortunate college students. It was then Senia and Sabrina brain stormed over dinner the creation of a Youth Council to infuse a peer influence in scholarship fundraising. Membership quickly grew and engaged in the training and community service portion of the council. The membership has learned to maximize efforts by collaborating with other agencies and since 2009, 18 college scholarships have been awarded. In January 2014, the SNHEP Youth Council came to a fork in the road and transitioned under the umbrella of Project 150 which the two missions aligned perfectly well. Today, there are over 30 members, five advisors, involved parents, and many agency partnerships.

Get Involved:

Youth Council members, advisors, and parents meet every 2nd Sunday of the month, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Project 150 Braidy Caipa Volunteer Center, 3600 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130  (unless posted on Project 150 Youth Council Facebook and via membership notifications). We welcome new members, community leaders, mentors, facilitators, and sponsors.

Annual Events:

May- St Jude’s Ranch

June- Appreciation & Scholarship Luncheon

Fall- Velasquez Memorial Soccer Tournament

December- Secret Santa

*Other events are posted on the calendar shown on Volunteer Portal once logged in*

Youth Council Executive Officers:

President – Yaquelin Lizaola

Vice President – Jessica Jimenez

Secretary – Sandra Guerrero

Treasurer – Hector Lizaola

Historian – Quela Vaana

Public Relations & Social Media – Najae Morris

Youth Council Co-Founder/Chair: Senia Roybal


Sabrina Roybal & Jessica Roybal

For questions or additional information please contact:

Senia Roybal, Programs Coordinator/ Project 150 Youth Council Co-Founder
3600 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 702-721-7150

New Member Requirements

Please fill out and sign the media release form and Youth Council membership form.